About Us

Who Are We?

We are dedicated to positive change at Guangdong Country Garden School.  We – the teachers, parents, and students – have been ignored, and the community suffers as a result.  We believe that only by exposing the truth can we hope to provide the necessary impetus for change.

We are a community dedicated to the people who make up BGY.  We are not the few, but the many.  The voice of the people.  This website is our voice so that the community and the world may know what is happening.

We intend to provide evidence for our version of the truth in the most honest way possible.  We do not intend to harm individuals, but rather to push for specific changes that will make the community better.  If necessary, we will expose wrongdoings and names if there is NO OTHER OPTION.

We believe that only through dialogue and exposure can Guangdong Country Garden School have a hope of developing in a positive direction.


Strategic Goals: (in no particular order of importance)

  • Sharing the reality of our experiences here so that future teachers have a plethora of information available for making decisions about whether they should accept employment offers from Country Garden.
  • Pushing Country Garden Holdings to remove bad leaders who have either behaved unethically, or have been complicit in allowing unethical practices, by exposing the details of their exploits through actual evidence.
  • Giving a community forum for teachers where they can safely be able to problem solve and share. Injustice only thrives with silence and disinformation.
  • A bilingual website so that the Chinese can know what is happening at the school too.
  • Giving a voice to Chinese teachers and staff who are suffering a myriad of injustices as well.
  • A community that empowers parents to know what is really happening at the school so that they push leaders to make progressive reforms. This includes some component of educating parents about what good educational practices are so that the school does not face so much parental opposition when trying to follow internationally established good practices.
  • Documentation for CGS accreditation authorities. Many of us know that the wool is pulled over the eyes of these authorizing bodies when they visit the school. The truth cannot be refuted as a database of teaching experiences becomes established for entities like the IBO, CIS, AP, IGCSE, and others. These authorities will be forced to exert more pressure on CGS to reform following internationally established educational norms and practices.
  • Compelling Country Garden Holdings to set a better example for all their schools by first fixing the “flagship” school. They cannot be allowed to function like this nationwide.
  • Removing bosses and a very top-heavy bureaucracy from dominating all discussions online. More perspectives need representation.
  • Setting precedents for the open and free debate of ideas online. A place for strategizing that will be moderated and administered by teachers. Nobody in leadership will be allowed to post their ideas or views here. This website has been developed and hosted in Iceland by an entity that will not ever cave to requests to “shut down” the website from any legal entity or government. The website is committed to doing as much as possible towards protecting the identity of each and every whistle-blower. Our web hosting company does not even have a financial trail or know the names of the development team.
  • Utilizing effective Search Engine Optimization to ensure our umbrella of domain names will appear near the top of Google Results when prospective teachers, parents, and current staff perform various searches.
  • Creating a single place where Country Garden leaders can read and learn exactly what the problems of the school are from our perspectives as a community. They often hear indirect and filtered versions of reality that have gone through layers of propaganda, distortion, middle management, and a large bureaucracy.
  • Designing and editing statements for filing official complaints to accrediting councils such as the IBO as necessary.