What’s Coming This Spring of 2017? Another Fake “Dr” and Other Leaks

Well Christopher John Carter was “dishonorably” removed just days after we went public with the evidence about his credentials back in December.  In characteristic fashion, the school back-dated the notice to read that he was removed prior to our posting.  Do you really believe that?

More interestingly still, we have been given no information, no statement, no admission of wrongdoing, no admission of guilt, no apologies – NOTHING.  If you were negatively affected by Christopher John Carter’s actions while he was acting in a role he was completely unqualified for, please contact us.

We are seeking legal options at this time both in China and in other nations.  We have all of his actual information in terms of identification and some of us will be seeking damages for the harm he has done to our reputations.

We will also pursue every available avenue for making the school liable for its willful negligence in this case since we know that Mr. Jeffrey Nigel Shaw and Nelson Li knew about Mr. Christopher John Carter at the end of March 2016 and somehow covered it up with no intention of ever taking disciplinary action.

We have been conversing with another person who appears to also have a fake doctorate.  Once again, we have a plethora of evidence.  Once again, we have given many chances and lots of time for this person to leave China.  This time however, this person has decided to actually listen to our requests for evidence.  This person claims that these credentials are fully legitimate, despite the evidence we have that they are definitely not legitimate.

I hope this person will simply not return to China.  Calling out people that the school does not perform it’s due-diligence on is a task that brings us no joy whatsoever.  There remains a 0.1% chance that we missed something, that this person is innocent…but if this person does not comply with our requests, there will be no choice but to go with the 99.9% odds that we are correct because it would be unfair for us to take action against Christopher John Carter and ignore her/him.

However, if s/he leaves China s/he can no longer hurt the school or it’s reputation or anymore students or people under him/her.  In this case, we will not release the information for any reason because we are not doing this to hurt people’s reputations permanently.  We are doing this to stop unethical behavior at BGY since the higher-ups and FAO are completely incompetent.

What is it about faking degrees that makes people go for the PhD?  I would just go for something that’s not noticeable like a Bachelor’s or a Master’s.  A leadership position necessitates that you will make enemies.  Why not have the foresight to avoid that by going “smaller” with the fake degree so you will be unnoticed?

Coming soon:  Learn the truth about Principal Andrew Li’s educational philosophies!  We have a recorded speech where he threatens teachers that they will be fired if they do not cause IB Diploma Programme scores to rise in their classrooms continuously.  Real teachers know this is not a sound educational practice.  It is unethical to tell teachers that they will be fired if their students do not achieve higher test scores.  Talk about the inverse of performance-based pay with a huge-ass stick!

After that, we will all get to see exactly how Mr. Jeffrey Nigel Shaw lies, distorts, bullies, threatens, and demeans teachers and their entire families into quitting the school!  We have heard detailed recordings of meetings with Mr. Jeffrey Nigel Shaw and it is very disconcerting to see a “professional” utilize mob tactics like that.  I suppose that anyone who has known Jeff over the past two years shouldn’t be surprised though.  Remember Mr. Shaw’s paranoid rantings last year about one teacher who simply photographed him out in public?  He went on for NEARLY AN HOUR about that guy in front of the WHOLE SCHOOL!  Remember when he accused a member of staff for being responsible for spreading nude photos of a coworker through staff email?  EVERYBODY knew it was the poor teacher’s (ex) husband and not a member of staff (except for Jeff apparently).  Remember how many times Jeff worked hard to convince the staff that people wanted to destroy him?  It appears that his paranoia will eventually cause a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Well all of those things are nothing compared to the recordings we have showing his actual condescending and unprofessional behavior in private meetings – it’s chilling and shocking.  It’s the stuff of lawsuits and being escorted out by security guards in the developed world.  Very soon you can be sure to hear it all including the written transcripts!  Too bad Robert won’t do the right thing and come to us.  He knows that Jeff is bad news for the school.  Let us hope that Robert redeems himself before he is implicated in breaking laws and rules too.  We all remember a time when Robert could almost be trusted to help teachers.

Jeff Shaw is right about one thing that he keeps bringing up:  we DO need to clean up the trash at Guangdong Country Garden School.  Unfortunately the school will never flourish until we do this.  It’s unfortunate that under such fearful and unimaginative leadership they continue to view that trash as teachers.  The “trash” has consistently been the leadership at CGS.  In fact you will learn soon how this “Leadership Team” took one man’s career and completely and willfully destroyed it because of their suspicions and paranoia.

David Li?  What of his racist comments about black people?  We have sources who have told us about the meeting they were in with him when he directly said this.  It’s unthinkable for the Principal of such a large organization to act so unprofessionally.

And what of FAO?  We have evidence of the lies Elvia has fed to teachers for YEARS.  Now Nelson has been doing the same thing.  We have a whistle-blower who has recorded interactions with Nelson in a private meeting where Nelson has ADMITTED that the school will not pay monies that it is obligated to pay to an employee under contract.  FAO has screwed hundreds of employees for many, many years with unscrupulous tactics and techniques.  Do not forget about teachers fined ENTIRE PAYCHECKS for missing 3-4 days of work for a family emergency.

We know of Robert’s incompetence too.  He is guilty of willfully doing nothing about everything forever.  He was chosen BECAUSE he will do nothing and because he is compliant to the status quo.  Robert is a tool of the system.  He is not somebody that will protect you in the majority of cases.  Rather he is one who will gather intelligence and wait to be called into one of Jeff’s meetings.

Do not wait for them to get rid of you too.  CGS does not reward hard work.  They will use you and we must share all this evidence with all of you so that you can see why we need to formulate real plans to get rid of bad leaders and fix the school.

Lives are being affected every day.  If you are a real teacher – no….if you are a HUMAN BEING you should care about this and stand up with us to fight against these wrongdoings.  BGY can be a caring place again.  It will never be under the same system it has always used.  BGY became “famous” because it was the first.  It offered something that no other school in China offered.  The Country Garden Group refuses to update with the 21st Century.  Cultural Revolution era thinking continues to dominate and permeate through all levels of leadership (and we all know there are MANY LEVELS).  Let’s not forget who remains affected by all of this ultimately.  It is kids.  Kids who want a future.  Kids who need proper guidance and preparation before they go abroad.  They will not get prepared properly under this system that remains inflexible and impervious to the outside world and market forces.  Please continue to share your stories with us!  Be brave and do not fear these scared leaders.  They remain silent which is why I know they are afraid.

To you paranoid and scared leaders:  stop being afraid.  Reach out to us and work with us.  Post on this site.  Be open and transparent.  Be bold and CHANGE.  You hold the fate of BGY in your hands with how you continue to choose to fail.