Current ‘Director of International Talents’ & Former HS ‘International Principal’ Faked Credentials?

We have had documents leaked to us many months ago which indicated that Dr. Christopher John Carter may not actually possess either his PhD or his teaching license.  In fact we’ve been currently unable to verify ANY of his credentials thus far…

Dr. Carter currently works for Country Garden Holdings at the main headquarters (the building with lots of plants growing on it).

In 2014-2015 he joined our school when he was hired to be one of the “International Principals.”  He worked for half of 2015 as the sole Principal for the high school before being relocated to CG HQ.  His replacement was Mr. Jeffrey Shaw.

We also know that both Mr. Shaw and the head of FAO – Nelson – did meet with a teacher who provided evidence of this at the end of March this year.  As far as we know, it was covered up because no action was ever taken against Mr. Carter.

Mr. Carter is one of three current and former LEADERS at our school which have had evidence submitted against them on this website.  Prior to the release of this story we emailed Mr. Carter asking him to please provide evidence of his innocence so that we did not risk accidentally slander against his good name.  He has not responded to our requests.

Based on this evidence Mr. Carter should be at least fired.  All teachers who were forced to work under this illegitimate administrator should be apologized to – especially if they had bad marks given to their good names during his tenure.

We also feel that justice requires Mr. Shaw and Head of FAO Nelson – to publicly apologize and to be held accountable for their actions.  If they are not the decision makers who have swept this under the rug, then the person responsible should face whatever reprimands CGS has available for such immoral action.

Evidence for Mr. Shaw and Mr. Nelson’s knowledge of Mr. Carter’s fake credentials will be released soon.

Mr. Carter has also had evidence submitted to our site that he had written a review for a teacher on Search Associates that was not accurate.  The review completely contradicts everything he told one teacher about that teacher’s performance.  It’s unclear why Mr. Carter may have done that and this claim cannot be verified yet at this time.  We are still investigating the evidence we have for that claim and we are giving Mr. Carter some more time to respond.

It brings me no joy to share this.  It must be done though.

Here is our evidence.  We have more but cannot release the rest due to privacy issues.  Believe me that if you saw the quality of the CV/resume and other written documents, you would see MORE evidence:

Christopher John Carter

9 thoughts on “Current ‘Director of International Talents’ & Former HS ‘International Principal’ Faked Credentials?”

  1. Christopher John Carter was relived of his employment at Guangdong Country Garden School on December 24 th , 2016. He cried like a little girl.

  2. This is interesting because according to the school’s statement he was “dishonorably terminated” on December 7th. The statement (PDF) is dated December 21st though. It was leaked to us just several days after the public disclosure of his credentialing issues here on Country Garden Exposed. The timing seems awfully convenient for his dismissal to NOT be linked to the information released here.

  3. Which Chinese city and crap job did you land, Jeffrey? Will you throw a bone to your mate Robbie Poops? You can hang out all day, doing nothing and when you get bored, Jeffrey you can drink beer and have your famous shit fits.

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