CGS Admin Have Real Reviews Purged From ESL Teacher’s Board in Effort to Cover-Up the Truth

Today I visited ESL Teacher’s Board and was surprised to find that most of the reviews written by teachers in the past couple of years have DISAPPEARED!

Suspiciously there are many reviews and statements made by Principal Jeff Shaw – aka “Educator” – left fully intact on that website.

Only one logical inference can be made:  Robert Carlyon, Jeff Shaw, and Chris Carter have been lobbying ESL Teacher’s Board non-stop in an attempt to CENSOR US EVEN MORE.

Today I visited each of these School Reviews and attempted having them re-posted onto ESL Teacher’s Board.

You can see from our forum here that we have not edited or changed these reviews since they were copied, pasted, and backed-up to our site.

I just had a premonition that those reviews would strangely go missing if not placed on our own independent website.

(Here are the reviews copied to our website before the recent purge:)

Reviews and Comments Copied From ESL Teacher’s Board







So let’s recap the past few months:

  1.  I have received virtually no help with the creation of this website and this movement.  Despite that, I have proved to you non-believers that ONE PERSON can get under their skin, waste their time and resources, and reveal a platform for the TRUTH.
  2. CGS has tried to have the site hacked and shut down multiple times.
  3. Michael Li has been the ONLY OTHER PERSON who has actually committed to this cause.  Several of you believe that you know who I am and still you haven’t helped me do what’s right.  You’ve stood by and allowed teachers, parents, and kids to keep getting FUCKED by CGS.
  4. CGS admin have successfully removed many of your reviews (and mine) from ESL Teacher’s Board.  If your consolation has been, “well other people will get involved” then you are wrong.  Nobody has done any work but me.  I will keep on keepin’ on because it’s what is right.

Let’s discuss the next few months:

  1. I have to get back to my “real-life.”  That means I’m going into this 100% for a couple of months so we can get this project “graduated.”
  2. That means that this movement will die if others do not get involved in the next couple of months.
  3. I was persuaded by others to moderate my approach to getting justice for the law-breaking members of admin that I have evidence for.  I was convinced others would help me.  I was convinced to take the inspirational high road.  Well nobody has been inspired and nothing has been done.  Most of you don’t give a crap about the welfare of future teachers that you don’t know.  Therefore I shall not be moderate for these final two months.
  4. I will be releasing the audio recordings I have of meetings with admin that have been given to this site.  I will be releasing the documents that prove administrative dishonesty and fraudulent job application materials.  I will expose a system that purposely turns the other way when it comes to due diligence.  I will name people directly and complete and unabashed truth will pour forth.

10 thoughts on “CGS Admin Have Real Reviews Purged From ESL Teacher’s Board in Effort to Cover-Up the Truth”

  1. Here’s the real truth. The school is shit and people are unhappy. I can understand your indignation to a point, but I think also that you are being a tool. You spam emails to people about shit that happened to people we don’t know or give a shit about. Do you even work at CGS anymore? Get a fucking life dude. Why don’t you try telling people who care like the parents who pay for their kids to go there if you are so concerned about their education? You are just causing shit for people who are just trying to work here and make a couple of bucks. At the end of the day, it’s an easy job and easy money. Who really fucking cares if they change students’ grades? Who gives a fuck if you think somebody added a “Dr.” to their name? Instead of spreading bullshit around, try to enjoy your time where ever the fuck you are. The people who work here can make up their own minds about their jobs.

  2. @unknown testicle
    Strange how you begin your reply admitting that teachers are ‘unhappy’ at CGS and the place is ‘shit’, then aggressively criticize someone who is attempting to warn others about working there.

    Voltaire once famously ‘fucking’ said, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. The author of the posts you refer to has the ‘fucking’ right to forewarn potential new teachers about a ‘shit’ job. You and others also have the right to not ‘fucking’ read them.

    Children need and deserve a good and honest education. If you don’t ‘really fucking care’ if they change students grades, your in the wrong ‘fucking’ job, testicle.

  3. Jeffrey you must be reaching 60, although you already look 67.

    Soon you will be the unemployed idiot, who can’t get a Chinese visa.

    I believe Dr. Carter also has a slight visa issue?

    1. Haaaaaaaahahhahaha you’re crying about his age??? Chinese visa issues where? You’re all just complaining about people who don’t have as much power as you think they do. Get a life and move on. There definitely is injustice at CGS, but blame the right people and stop crying about it online… or do, do what you want lol.

  4. Lets post on about the author of this blog,
    Yes- this guy (that had not actually graduated university while pretending a teacher

    I’d like to tell you a tale of the blog’s author- about the sinister behavior to us and to the others he came into contact with, followed by the senseless and tragic death he was responsible in causing.
    You see this author (aka Nathan Engquist) to stop enticing a simple, kind, non-alcoholic socialite teachers at his birthday party. Nate (Nathan Engquist), PREVIOUSLY failed teacher at shite said school , is the common perp to blame.
    Man-up, and admit that you, the author of this shite blog, got a young man with a bright future killed (details coming in a new blog expose’)
    Next, how about we expose Nathan Engquist and his wife.
    You see, Nathan, OWNER OF
    author of the shite of a blog , impregnated his wife for the third time and decided, to fake cancer and go back to that shite country of his, and have his lass “drop the baby off”. Now, Nathan Enquist, claiming a teacher of good moral fiber and ethics on this site, slandering till all get out, is guilty of a few things he need managed upon himself.
    Nate got his mrs pregnant, faked a small incident into a large one (results from your hospital report will be made public soon to prove this), and told everyone he was a cancer victim. Why? Because, he wanted to go home and let his wife have the baby so the could give the baby up for adoption, rather than be parents!!! Most of us might have thought him a strange prat, but GET THIS…. He and his wife have done this not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES!! Birth report researched, hospital with names of both Nathan Enquist, and his wife shall also be shared as proof of this allegation.
    Upon return, this websites owner had issue with entire lot at the school.


    Anyone know this guy?
    Apparently, he is the guy claiming he is now a rapper, and states he was a “kindergarten teacher” at CGS
    look up Nathan Engquist and there is another 2 or three “BGY’rs working with his corruption.
    on the weblink above (yet another FAKE employee).

    informed again of another balding crackpot named Mushdaq “Mush” Hashtee.
    He is the guy in charge of counseling at the secondary school, working with The Nelson Chen Li guy, some Chinese girl claiming a Harvard graduate diploma, while he is claiming counseling for hundreds of students, yet with ZERO teaching license (either of them) NOR counseling experience between the two of them.

    Lets get these two up and out as soon s possible!

    We can get the Mush guy to admit his fabricated online Indian degree, along with the couple that were there that got fired with the same “masters” degree that failed full background tests with the online agency we just checked
    Kimberly Isom, and Andrew Gomez
    This Andrew Gomez guy also has a noticeable habit of emailing lots of teachers in effort to pull them to a school he has bounced into or from ones he’s been bounced out of. We’ve got the dirt on you, sir- NO MORE HIDING!
    Justice should prevail.

    Five, so far, we’ve got backgrounds on or testimonies on:
    Nathan Engquist (aka IB secondary teacher in one link, Kindergarten teacher int he other)
    Mushdaq Hashtee (aka head of “student counselors” office)
    Nelson Chen (Fake Teacher and Chinese Senior counselor/advisor- zero experience- please check with the Foshan Education Board for corroboration of no license from this man )
    Andrew Gomez (Unaccredited Masters Degree) (he is believed to now be working in Clifford Bilingual school within Primary Department, if you see him, please contact us, we want to give him and his wife a chance to refute the evidence we have, based on the documents provided from FAO through our inside sources at CGS)
    Kimberly (aka “Kimi”) Isom (Unaccredited Masters Degree) (she is also believed to now be working in Clifford Bilingual school within Middle School Bilingual Department, if you see her, please contact us, we want to give her a chance to refute the evidence we have, based on the documents provided from FAO through our inside sources at CGS)

    Again, if they are in schools causing the harm, lets get them out!!!
    Justice should prevail.

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