Big Surprise Nobody Foresaw: Where’s Our 2000 Yuan? Another Background Check…

This just in from Michael Li via staff email:

“Hi everyone,

Just thought I would chime in on the recent “developments” at the school. Its been brought up that approximately 2000 RMB has been reduced in your salary. Turns out this happened last month as well! The only viable explanation was that it was a “systematic” error but no mention of exactly how much they will reimburse. Not only did they delay our pay but they shortchanged everyone as well.
To make the situation even more frustrating the school asks us to do another background check that very same day. Once again CGS is full of ridiculous requirements and we as teachers have no choice but to follow them. We need to stand up for our rights and hold the administration accountable for their actions and ridiculous requirements.
After already having requested a full background check earlier last month with a questionable third party company, it is completely ridiculous for them to ask us again. It’s almost as if our right to privacy does not exist. How many companies must we share our information with? Including our passport and social security numbers? This is especially bad because CGS has a history of leaving important private documents lying around the tables at FAO. Last year someone’s identity was stolen due to this very reason and it took ages to correct the issues through the expected bureaucracy while living abroad.
Furthermore, it is the absolute worse time for them to be bothering teachers with this matter. They have already, or should have conducted background checks before the hiring process or during the summer. Most teachers have come from reputable schools or organisations such as Search Associates and it’s insulting to keep being bombarded with these ridiculous demands. It’s no wonder CGS has been officially removed from Search Associates. It is only a matter of time where other reputable organizations follow suit. This is a busy time for everyone, with midterms around the corner and a long stretch of work without a break. We don’t have time to waste on this nonsense.
Lastly, it does not mention anywhere in our contracts that midway through semester 1 we would be required to do a background check. Any due diligence the school wanted, should have been done pre-arrival. They have no grounds on which to force all staff to obey this demand. If they have a particular problem with some admin staff members, they should deal with them personally and leave the teachers out of it.
We need to stop this kind of behaviour before it gets worse. Believe me, CGS will take advantage of you and throw you out when you are no longer useful to them (previous teachers, think contract delays after Chinese New Year). Stand up for your rights while you still can. For those of you that are new to this school, simply go online and read the reviews of what happened last year at CGS. There is a dedicated website http://www.countrygardenexposed.isthat bands all of us together and lists verifiable facts about some of the things that go on at CGS. Please feel free to read some reviews and post some of your own. There is great potential at this school, but we need to sort out some serious issues now so that the coming teachers don’t need to go through the same issues as us.
Michael Li”
In response some naive NOOB replied,
“Look here Mr Rumours, we ALL know who YOU are. We all know why YOU left. Many reputable international teachers who CAN hack it, in an INTERNATIONAL school are still with us. 
These tactics will get you nowhere.Those who dont’ hack it don’t belong. “
Wonder how he’ll feel when he gets fucked over by the school.  Since this NOOB knows who Michael Li is, can he please tell me?  Shoot me an email @  I’d love to learn more from you young apprentice apparent of the dark forces of Shaw, Carter, and Carlyon.


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  1. Oh and thanks “Michael Li” for getting us that email list of all the new teachers. They need to be warned – especially the optimistic and naive ones like our NooB friend here who don’t know that their “loyalty” will not be regarded as anything that helps them survive this school whatsoever.

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