What’s Going On With Site/Community Development

Some of you received emails and are probably wondering why so little has been publicly exposed as of yet.

We decided on a strategic shift a couple of months ago. We are discussing how to release evidence of corruption, wrongdoings, and other personal experiences in a hidden “planning” forum.

Things will happen – just be patient!

If you wish to join this hidden planning forum and help us decide the most effective and ethical ways to combat what we have all witnessed, please email CGS_Exposed@protonmail.com

You will not be given access until a member of our planning team can actually verify that your account is who you say it is via WeChat or some other app. If you are admin – you need not apply.

If you feel the need to tell your story or expose important information for the next batch of suckers – I mean teachers – coming to the school, then please create your account here on the site and tell your story.

Our team will look at it and debate how to release it publicly. We will either re-post an edited version if there are ethical concerns – or it will be moderated and approved “as-is.”

Thanks again for your patience and bravery! I have been impressed by the level of activity we have been having thus far and I am glad that we are all united in this cause of forcing positive change at Guangdong Country Garden School for 2016-2017!

In the meanwhile, enjoy your summer!

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