It Is Time to Execute

It’s the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year.  The meetings will begin and so will the tirades as administrators follow the same patterns as last year.  They will hunt and find people to blame and incorrectly victimize for this website and for all the other complaints that have been voiced on ESL Teacher’s Board and International Schools Review this summer.

There is another huge crop of unsuspecting new teachers at BGY.  They will be brought to slaughter without our help.  More careers will be ruined.  More teachers will be brought into rooms with administrators willing to do whatever they feel like doing if they perceive any threats to their power or changes to the system.  YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO SPEAK OUT.  This website will not be a major success to these new teachers if you do not.  In fact it may likely embolden corrupt officials to push onward because they have seen that our efforts have failed!

Power does not respect anybody or anything else.  It only respects the power that comes from oversight.  There is no oversight in China – especially at BGY/CGS.  We are that oversight.  We are responsible for making leaders think twice about continuing the corruption, lies, bad educational practices that they will naturally commit.

There is no teachers union here.  This is China.  We are the union.  We are the only movement.  We outnumber them.  This isn’t the time to revel in those facts.  One motivated person can make a difference.  I built this website with no help.  Imagine if we had only five of me.

Let’s remember who our enemy is.  It is this system.  It is not one International Principal or one International Coordinator.  It isn’t one Chinese Leader.  It is all of it – especially the very top levels where David Li and Lindsey Linn operate from.  It is the board.  They actively encourage such a system to exist.  A system that continues to obscure the teacher’s ability to teach and the student’s ability to learn.  A system that seeks the easy way out with minimal effort and fast results.

This doesn’t excuse the behavior of the trigger man.  They will be fully exposed for the wrongs they have committed too.  However we need to keep our eye on the prize.

We are fighting our enemy out of love and concern for these children.  Martin Luther King Jr. said that the ones he felt most badly for were not his oppressed brethren.  In fact he felt the most for his oppressors because they were consumed with fear, anger, and hatred.

It’s no way to live when a person is filled with anger and hate.  It is the same when one is filled with other negative emotions such as the knowledge of the masses of innocents they have hurt.  Administrators at our school must have great difficulty sleeping at night.  They know the evil they have committed.  What they may not know is the path to atonement and inner peace.  We need to free these leaders from their unethical behavior.  We must resist peacefully.  We must do this with evidence, research, and data on our side.  These leaders – these men and women – they are like us.  They hurt too.  They do not like the school either.  They are well-intentioned but have reacted meekly and in ways that are less than admirable.  We must help them by speaking truth that they are not allowed to speak.  We must invoke justice for the future teachers and for these kids.

The system is complex.  Principals cannot take proper actions that are needed for real change.  Teachers cannot do what is necessary either.  It all begins with empathy, compassion, and truth.  We cannot move this community forward without doing so in this mental state.

Please join me in this battle.  I need your help and guidance in making sure it is done correctly and ethically.  Please register an account on this website.  Please post your stories in the forums.  Please ask for access to our hidden planning area so that you can help us determine what is ethical to release and what is not.

I cannot do this alone.


What’s Going On With Site/Community Development

Some of you received emails and are probably wondering why so little has been publicly exposed as of yet.

We decided on a strategic shift a couple of months ago. We are discussing how to release evidence of corruption, wrongdoings, and other personal experiences in a hidden “planning” forum.

Things will happen – just be patient!

If you wish to join this hidden planning forum and help us decide the most effective and ethical ways to combat what we have all witnessed, please email

You will not be given access until a member of our planning team can actually verify that your account is who you say it is via WeChat or some other app. If you are admin – you need not apply.

If you feel the need to tell your story or expose important information for the next batch of suckers – I mean teachers – coming to the school, then please create your account here on the site and tell your story.

Our team will look at it and debate how to release it publicly. We will either re-post an edited version if there are ethical concerns – or it will be moderated and approved “as-is.”

Thanks again for your patience and bravery! I have been impressed by the level of activity we have been having thus far and I am glad that we are all united in this cause of forcing positive change at Guangdong Country Garden School for 2016-2017!

In the meanwhile, enjoy your summer!