Faking Your Credentials? Get Outta Dodge Now.

One big problem we have learned about is fake credentials at Guangdong Country Garden School.  We do not wish to see people jailed and deported, but it needs to stop immediately.

Now is your chance to get away with your crimes – at least without going to jail and paying a $2000 fine along with getting banned from China for years and labeled as a felon.  Now it is summer vacation.  Stay in your home countries.  Don’t come back to exploit these Chinese.  Some of us actually dedicated years to trying to make China a better place and we will not allow you to continue exploiting it.

We have detailed information about two leaders at our school who seem very likely to have been working in China with fake credentials (degrees, teaching licenses) for a long time.  The evidence we have received is compelling and will be released in time.

And it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.  We do not agree with your unethical behavior.  Go to school for real like everybody else.  We will be posting this information regardless because future schools need to be aware of predators like you.  This is an industry that works with CHILDREN.  Predators need not apply.

More importantly, why has this been allowed by the Foreign Affairs Office and school leadership?  We will be exposing how at least two other senior members were given detailed evidence about one of these fake administrators and how these other leaders have decided to cover it up.

I suggest you all make yourselves aware of the consequences of committing fraud like this in a Communist One Party state.  Please read here if you don’t know:

WARNING! Fake Diplomas To Get 3,000+ China Foreign ESL & TEFL Teachers Arrested. Great Job ESLInsider!

As to the administrators who have known and done nothing, you will be held to account too.  We have detailed records of the people who have met with you to expose these crimes and of your reaction to them.

This is year zero and it’s time for the newcomers to Guangdong Country Garden School to have a real chance at building the International School we all thought could be built.

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