What’s Coming This Spring of 2017? Another Fake “Dr” and Other Leaks

Well Christopher John Carter was “dishonorably” removed just days after we went public with the evidence about his credentials back in December.  In characteristic fashion, the school back-dated the notice to read that he was removed prior to our posting.  Do you really believe that?

More interestingly still, we have been given no information, no statement, no admission of wrongdoing, no admission of guilt, no apologies – NOTHING.  If you were negatively affected by Christopher John Carter’s actions while he was acting in a role he was completely unqualified for, please contact us.

We are seeking legal options at this time both in China and in other nations.  We have all of his actual information in terms of identification and some of us will be seeking damages for the harm he has done to our reputations.

We will also pursue every available avenue for making the school liable for its willful negligence in this case since we know that Mr. Jeffrey Nigel Shaw and Nelson Li knew about Mr. Christopher John Carter at the end of March 2016 and somehow covered it up with no intention of ever taking disciplinary action.

We have been conversing with another person who appears to also have a fake doctorate.  Once again, we have a plethora of evidence.  Once again, we have given many chances and lots of time for this person to leave China.  This time however, this person has decided to actually listen to our requests for evidence.  This person claims that these credentials are fully legitimate, despite the evidence we have that they are definitely not legitimate.

I hope this person will simply not return to China.  Calling out people that the school does not perform it’s due-diligence on is a task that brings us no joy whatsoever.  There remains a 0.1% chance that we missed something, that this person is innocent…but if this person does not comply with our requests, there will be no choice but to go with the 99.9% odds that we are correct because it would be unfair for us to take action against Christopher John Carter and ignore her/him.

However, if s/he leaves China s/he can no longer hurt the school or it’s reputation or anymore students or people under him/her.  In this case, we will not release the information for any reason because we are not doing this to hurt people’s reputations permanently.  We are doing this to stop unethical behavior at BGY since the higher-ups and FAO are completely incompetent.

What is it about faking degrees that makes people go for the PhD?  I would just go for something that’s not noticeable like a Bachelor’s or a Master’s.  A leadership position necessitates that you will make enemies.  Why not have the foresight to avoid that by going “smaller” with the fake degree so you will be unnoticed?

Coming soon:  Learn the truth about Principal Andrew Li’s educational philosophies!  We have a recorded speech where he threatens teachers that they will be fired if they do not cause IB Diploma Programme scores to rise in their classrooms continuously.  Real teachers know this is not a sound educational practice.  It is unethical to tell teachers that they will be fired if their students do not achieve higher test scores.  Talk about the inverse of performance-based pay with a huge-ass stick!

After that, we will all get to see exactly how Mr. Jeffrey Nigel Shaw lies, distorts, bullies, threatens, and demeans teachers and their entire families into quitting the school!  We have heard detailed recordings of meetings with Mr. Jeffrey Nigel Shaw and it is very disconcerting to see a “professional” utilize mob tactics like that.  I suppose that anyone who has known Jeff over the past two years shouldn’t be surprised though.  Remember Mr. Shaw’s paranoid rantings last year about one teacher who simply photographed him out in public?  He went on for NEARLY AN HOUR about that guy in front of the WHOLE SCHOOL!  Remember when he accused a member of staff for being responsible for spreading nude photos of a coworker through staff email?  EVERYBODY knew it was the poor teacher’s (ex) husband and not a member of staff (except for Jeff apparently).  Remember how many times Jeff worked hard to convince the staff that people wanted to destroy him?  It appears that his paranoia will eventually cause a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Well all of those things are nothing compared to the recordings we have showing his actual condescending and unprofessional behavior in private meetings – it’s chilling and shocking.  It’s the stuff of lawsuits and being escorted out by security guards in the developed world.  Very soon you can be sure to hear it all including the written transcripts!  Too bad Robert won’t do the right thing and come to us.  He knows that Jeff is bad news for the school.  Let us hope that Robert redeems himself before he is implicated in breaking laws and rules too.  We all remember a time when Robert could almost be trusted to help teachers.

Jeff Shaw is right about one thing that he keeps bringing up:  we DO need to clean up the trash at Guangdong Country Garden School.  Unfortunately the school will never flourish until we do this.  It’s unfortunate that under such fearful and unimaginative leadership they continue to view that trash as teachers.  The “trash” has consistently been the leadership at CGS.  In fact you will learn soon how this “Leadership Team” took one man’s career and completely and willfully destroyed it because of their suspicions and paranoia.

David Li?  What of his racist comments about black people?  We have sources who have told us about the meeting they were in with him when he directly said this.  It’s unthinkable for the Principal of such a large organization to act so unprofessionally.

And what of FAO?  We have evidence of the lies Elvia has fed to teachers for YEARS.  Now Nelson has been doing the same thing.  We have a whistle-blower who has recorded interactions with Nelson in a private meeting where Nelson has ADMITTED that the school will not pay monies that it is obligated to pay to an employee under contract.  FAO has screwed hundreds of employees for many, many years with unscrupulous tactics and techniques.  Do not forget about teachers fined ENTIRE PAYCHECKS for missing 3-4 days of work for a family emergency.

We know of Robert’s incompetence too.  He is guilty of willfully doing nothing about everything forever.  He was chosen BECAUSE he will do nothing and because he is compliant to the status quo.  Robert is a tool of the system.  He is not somebody that will protect you in the majority of cases.  Rather he is one who will gather intelligence and wait to be called into one of Jeff’s meetings.

Do not wait for them to get rid of you too.  CGS does not reward hard work.  They will use you and we must share all this evidence with all of you so that you can see why we need to formulate real plans to get rid of bad leaders and fix the school.

Lives are being affected every day.  If you are a real teacher – no….if you are a HUMAN BEING you should care about this and stand up with us to fight against these wrongdoings.  BGY can be a caring place again.  It will never be under the same system it has always used.  BGY became “famous” because it was the first.  It offered something that no other school in China offered.  The Country Garden Group refuses to update with the 21st Century.  Cultural Revolution era thinking continues to dominate and permeate through all levels of leadership (and we all know there are MANY LEVELS).  Let’s not forget who remains affected by all of this ultimately.  It is kids.  Kids who want a future.  Kids who need proper guidance and preparation before they go abroad.  They will not get prepared properly under this system that remains inflexible and impervious to the outside world and market forces.  Please continue to share your stories with us!  Be brave and do not fear these scared leaders.  They remain silent which is why I know they are afraid.

To you paranoid and scared leaders:  stop being afraid.  Reach out to us and work with us.  Post on this site.  Be open and transparent.  Be bold and CHANGE.  You hold the fate of BGY in your hands with how you continue to choose to fail.

Current ‘Director of International Talents’ & Former HS ‘International Principal’ Faked Credentials?

We have had documents leaked to us many months ago which indicated that Dr. Christopher John Carter may not actually possess either his PhD or his teaching license.  In fact we’ve been currently unable to verify ANY of his credentials thus far…

Dr. Carter currently works for Country Garden Holdings at the main headquarters (the building with lots of plants growing on it).

In 2014-2015 he joined our school when he was hired to be one of the “International Principals.”  He worked for half of 2015 as the sole Principal for the high school before being relocated to CG HQ.  His replacement was Mr. Jeffrey Shaw.

We also know that both Mr. Shaw and the head of FAO – Nelson – did meet with a teacher who provided evidence of this at the end of March this year.  As far as we know, it was covered up because no action was ever taken against Mr. Carter.

Mr. Carter is one of three current and former LEADERS at our school which have had evidence submitted against them on this website.  Prior to the release of this story we emailed Mr. Carter asking him to please provide evidence of his innocence so that we did not risk accidentally slander against his good name.  He has not responded to our requests.

Based on this evidence Mr. Carter should be at least fired.  All teachers who were forced to work under this illegitimate administrator should be apologized to – especially if they had bad marks given to their good names during his tenure.

We also feel that justice requires Mr. Shaw and Head of FAO Nelson – to publicly apologize and to be held accountable for their actions.  If they are not the decision makers who have swept this under the rug, then the person responsible should face whatever reprimands CGS has available for such immoral action.

Evidence for Mr. Shaw and Mr. Nelson’s knowledge of Mr. Carter’s fake credentials will be released soon.

Mr. Carter has also had evidence submitted to our site that he had written a review for a teacher on Search Associates that was not accurate.  The review completely contradicts everything he told one teacher about that teacher’s performance.  It’s unclear why Mr. Carter may have done that and this claim cannot be verified yet at this time.  We are still investigating the evidence we have for that claim and we are giving Mr. Carter some more time to respond.

It brings me no joy to share this.  It must be done though.

Here is our evidence.  We have more but cannot release the rest due to privacy issues.  Believe me that if you saw the quality of the CV/resume and other written documents, you would see MORE evidence:

Christopher John Carter

CGS Admin Have Real Reviews Purged From ESL Teacher’s Board in Effort to Cover-Up the Truth

Today I visited ESL Teacher’s Board and was surprised to find that most of the reviews written by teachers in the past couple of years have DISAPPEARED!

Suspiciously there are many reviews and statements made by Principal Jeff Shaw – aka “Educator” – left fully intact on that website.

Only one logical inference can be made:  Robert Carlyon, Jeff Shaw, and Chris Carter have been lobbying ESL Teacher’s Board non-stop in an attempt to CENSOR US EVEN MORE.

Today I visited each of these School Reviews and attempted having them re-posted onto ESL Teacher’s Board.

You can see from our forum here that we have not edited or changed these reviews since they were copied, pasted, and backed-up to our site.

I just had a premonition that those reviews would strangely go missing if not placed on our own independent website.

(Here are the reviews copied to our website before the recent purge:)

Reviews and Comments Copied From ESL Teacher’s Board







So let’s recap the past few months:

  1.  I have received virtually no help with the creation of this website and this movement.  Despite that, I have proved to you non-believers that ONE PERSON can get under their skin, waste their time and resources, and reveal a platform for the TRUTH.
  2. CGS has tried to have the site hacked and shut down multiple times.
  3. Michael Li has been the ONLY OTHER PERSON who has actually committed to this cause.  Several of you believe that you know who I am and still you haven’t helped me do what’s right.  You’ve stood by and allowed teachers, parents, and kids to keep getting FUCKED by CGS.
  4. CGS admin have successfully removed many of your reviews (and mine) from ESL Teacher’s Board.  If your consolation has been, “well other people will get involved” then you are wrong.  Nobody has done any work but me.  I will keep on keepin’ on because it’s what is right.

Let’s discuss the next few months:

  1. I have to get back to my “real-life.”  That means I’m going into this 100% for a couple of months so we can get this project “graduated.”
  2. That means that this movement will die if others do not get involved in the next couple of months.
  3. I was persuaded by others to moderate my approach to getting justice for the law-breaking members of admin that I have evidence for.  I was convinced others would help me.  I was convinced to take the inspirational high road.  Well nobody has been inspired and nothing has been done.  Most of you don’t give a crap about the welfare of future teachers that you don’t know.  Therefore I shall not be moderate for these final two months.
  4. I will be releasing the audio recordings I have of meetings with admin that have been given to this site.  I will be releasing the documents that prove administrative dishonesty and fraudulent job application materials.  I will expose a system that purposely turns the other way when it comes to due diligence.  I will name people directly and complete and unabashed truth will pour forth.

Big Surprise Nobody Foresaw: Where’s Our 2000 Yuan? Another Background Check…

This just in from Michael Li via staff email:

“Hi everyone,

Just thought I would chime in on the recent “developments” at the school. Its been brought up that approximately 2000 RMB has been reduced in your salary. Turns out this happened last month as well! The only viable explanation was that it was a “systematic” error but no mention of exactly how much they will reimburse. Not only did they delay our pay but they shortchanged everyone as well.
To make the situation even more frustrating the school asks us to do another background check that very same day. Once again CGS is full of ridiculous requirements and we as teachers have no choice but to follow them. We need to stand up for our rights and hold the administration accountable for their actions and ridiculous requirements.
After already having requested a full background check earlier last month with a questionable third party company, it is completely ridiculous for them to ask us again. It’s almost as if our right to privacy does not exist. How many companies must we share our information with? Including our passport and social security numbers? This is especially bad because CGS has a history of leaving important private documents lying around the tables at FAO. Last year someone’s identity was stolen due to this very reason and it took ages to correct the issues through the expected bureaucracy while living abroad.
Furthermore, it is the absolute worse time for them to be bothering teachers with this matter. They have already, or should have conducted background checks before the hiring process or during the summer. Most teachers have come from reputable schools or organisations such as Search Associates and it’s insulting to keep being bombarded with these ridiculous demands. It’s no wonder CGS has been officially removed from Search Associates. It is only a matter of time where other reputable organizations follow suit. This is a busy time for everyone, with midterms around the corner and a long stretch of work without a break. We don’t have time to waste on this nonsense.
Lastly, it does not mention anywhere in our contracts that midway through semester 1 we would be required to do a background check. Any due diligence the school wanted, should have been done pre-arrival. They have no grounds on which to force all staff to obey this demand. If they have a particular problem with some admin staff members, they should deal with them personally and leave the teachers out of it.
We need to stop this kind of behaviour before it gets worse. Believe me, CGS will take advantage of you and throw you out when you are no longer useful to them (previous teachers, think contract delays after Chinese New Year). Stand up for your rights while you still can. For those of you that are new to this school, simply go online and read the reviews of what happened last year at CGS. There is a dedicated website http://www.countrygardenexposed.isthat bands all of us together and lists verifiable facts about some of the things that go on at CGS. Please feel free to read some reviews and post some of your own. There is great potential at this school, but we need to sort out some serious issues now so that the coming teachers don’t need to go through the same issues as us.
Michael Li”
In response some naive NOOB replied,
“Look here Mr Rumours, we ALL know who YOU are. We all know why YOU left. Many reputable international teachers who CAN hack it, in an INTERNATIONAL school are still with us. 
These tactics will get you nowhere.Those who dont’ hack it don’t belong. “
Wonder how he’ll feel when he gets fucked over by the school.  Since this NOOB knows who Michael Li is, can he please tell me?  Shoot me an email @ CGS_Exposed@protonmail.com  I’d love to learn more from you young apprentice apparent of the dark forces of Shaw, Carter, and Carlyon.


First Hacking Attempt Made CountryGardenExposed: BGY Owners Must be Underpaying Hackers too!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It appears that we are a threat!  This is fantastic news because it means that we are making headway.  BGY leadership is already thinking about how to stop us.  It’s only a matter of time until they learn that the only way to stop us is through REAL REFORM.

User IP:
User hostname:
User location: Hangzhou, China

This attempt was made on August 25th and it came to nothing.  I’m sure there will be more attempts once we actually release our real reports.

I wonder how long until we are blocked by the GFW?

I think standard hackers will find this site much harder to get into than they thought.

Keep trying though!  This site has so many redundancies that it will be up again in no time.

I suppose next will come threats of suit?  I believe that the owners will reach a similar dead end.

What could be so threatening that BGY is hiring hackers to silence?

Could it be proof of two administrators with fake credentials?  Could it be proof on another administrator covering for one of the administrators who has fake credentials?  Could it be a Principal caught on tape telling teachers that they would achieve certain scores or face termination?  Could it be the plethora of meetings with admin that have been recorded?  Could it be racist hiring and firing practices?  Could it be financial mismanagement?  Could it be evidence of bad educational practices?  Could it be something that BGY thinks has been leaked to us but hasn’t been yet?  Who knows!  There are so many exciting possibilities to choose from.

To the leaders of BGY.  Do what’s right before we compel you.  Don’t you DARE mistreat one more teacher or neglect one more student.  Stop searching for the easy way out.  Educate for real.  We are here and we are staying put permanently  because WE CARE.

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”  – Mahatma Gandhi

It Is Time to Execute

It’s the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year.  The meetings will begin and so will the tirades as administrators follow the same patterns as last year.  They will hunt and find people to blame and incorrectly victimize for this website and for all the other complaints that have been voiced on ESL Teacher’s Board and International Schools Review this summer.

There is another huge crop of unsuspecting new teachers at BGY.  They will be brought to slaughter without our help.  More careers will be ruined.  More teachers will be brought into rooms with administrators willing to do whatever they feel like doing if they perceive any threats to their power or changes to the system.  YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO SPEAK OUT.  This website will not be a major success to these new teachers if you do not.  In fact it may likely embolden corrupt officials to push onward because they have seen that our efforts have failed!

Power does not respect anybody or anything else.  It only respects the power that comes from oversight.  There is no oversight in China – especially at BGY/CGS.  We are that oversight.  We are responsible for making leaders think twice about continuing the corruption, lies, bad educational practices that they will naturally commit.

There is no teachers union here.  This is China.  We are the union.  We are the only movement.  We outnumber them.  This isn’t the time to revel in those facts.  One motivated person can make a difference.  I built this website with no help.  Imagine if we had only five of me.

Let’s remember who our enemy is.  It is this system.  It is not one International Principal or one International Coordinator.  It isn’t one Chinese Leader.  It is all of it – especially the very top levels where David Li and Lindsey Linn operate from.  It is the board.  They actively encourage such a system to exist.  A system that continues to obscure the teacher’s ability to teach and the student’s ability to learn.  A system that seeks the easy way out with minimal effort and fast results.

This doesn’t excuse the behavior of the trigger man.  They will be fully exposed for the wrongs they have committed too.  However we need to keep our eye on the prize.

We are fighting our enemy out of love and concern for these children.  Martin Luther King Jr. said that the ones he felt most badly for were not his oppressed brethren.  In fact he felt the most for his oppressors because they were consumed with fear, anger, and hatred.

It’s no way to live when a person is filled with anger and hate.  It is the same when one is filled with other negative emotions such as the knowledge of the masses of innocents they have hurt.  Administrators at our school must have great difficulty sleeping at night.  They know the evil they have committed.  What they may not know is the path to atonement and inner peace.  We need to free these leaders from their unethical behavior.  We must resist peacefully.  We must do this with evidence, research, and data on our side.  These leaders – these men and women – they are like us.  They hurt too.  They do not like the school either.  They are well-intentioned but have reacted meekly and in ways that are less than admirable.  We must help them by speaking truth that they are not allowed to speak.  We must invoke justice for the future teachers and for these kids.

The system is complex.  Principals cannot take proper actions that are needed for real change.  Teachers cannot do what is necessary either.  It all begins with empathy, compassion, and truth.  We cannot move this community forward without doing so in this mental state.

Please join me in this battle.  I need your help and guidance in making sure it is done correctly and ethically.  Please register an account on this website.  Please post your stories in the forums.  Please ask for access to our hidden planning area so that you can help us determine what is ethical to release and what is not.

I cannot do this alone.


What’s Going On With Site/Community Development

Some of you received emails and are probably wondering why so little has been publicly exposed as of yet.

We decided on a strategic shift a couple of months ago. We are discussing how to release evidence of corruption, wrongdoings, and other personal experiences in a hidden “planning” forum.

Things will happen – just be patient!

If you wish to join this hidden planning forum and help us decide the most effective and ethical ways to combat what we have all witnessed, please email CGS_Exposed@protonmail.com

You will not be given access until a member of our planning team can actually verify that your account is who you say it is via WeChat or some other app. If you are admin – you need not apply.

If you feel the need to tell your story or expose important information for the next batch of suckers – I mean teachers – coming to the school, then please create your account here on the site and tell your story.

Our team will look at it and debate how to release it publicly. We will either re-post an edited version if there are ethical concerns – or it will be moderated and approved “as-is.”

Thanks again for your patience and bravery! I have been impressed by the level of activity we have been having thus far and I am glad that we are all united in this cause of forcing positive change at Guangdong Country Garden School for 2016-2017!

In the meanwhile, enjoy your summer!

Faking Your Credentials? Get Outta Dodge Now.

One big problem we have learned about is fake credentials at Guangdong Country Garden School.  We do not wish to see people jailed and deported, but it needs to stop immediately.

Now is your chance to get away with your crimes – at least without going to jail and paying a $2000 fine along with getting banned from China for years and labeled as a felon.  Now it is summer vacation.  Stay in your home countries.  Don’t come back to exploit these Chinese.  Some of us actually dedicated years to trying to make China a better place and we will not allow you to continue exploiting it.

We have detailed information about two leaders at our school who seem very likely to have been working in China with fake credentials (degrees, teaching licenses) for a long time.  The evidence we have received is compelling and will be released in time.

And it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.  We do not agree with your unethical behavior.  Go to school for real like everybody else.  We will be posting this information regardless because future schools need to be aware of predators like you.  This is an industry that works with CHILDREN.  Predators need not apply.

More importantly, why has this been allowed by the Foreign Affairs Office and school leadership?  We will be exposing how at least two other senior members were given detailed evidence about one of these fake administrators and how these other leaders have decided to cover it up.

I suggest you all make yourselves aware of the consequences of committing fraud like this in a Communist One Party state.  Please read here if you don’t know:

WARNING! Fake Diplomas To Get 3,000+ China Foreign ESL & TEFL Teachers Arrested. Great Job ESLInsider!

As to the administrators who have known and done nothing, you will be held to account too.  We have detailed records of the people who have met with you to expose these crimes and of your reaction to them.

This is year zero and it’s time for the newcomers to Guangdong Country Garden School to have a real chance at building the International School we all thought could be built.